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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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be the average side to the south and north and therefore have no impacts and therefore the planning department has determined this is not a
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negative impact to the dr residents and the planning department should not take discretionary review >> dr requester you have 5 minutes. >> good afternoon commissioners any public comment? i'm john, i live on desoto. we do have a few wishes the project. just some general procedural issues we were not given any notice of the meeting with the homeowners association and they approved it at that time, we didn't have an opportunity to present our objections to that. and i think that limited some of
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our options. secondly there's never been any meaningful discussions with the develop developer. the developer we talked about our objections and we actually proposed a modification to it and as far as i know that was rejected. and, in fact, all 3 different options that were talked about in this period are actually in our police station for design reviews this was not something new or something we didn't do. basically, we're saying is that the size of the project is really impacting the light and openness on our house. it's not specifically in conflict with anything in the design guidelines but i'm going back to the general plan and
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saying this is important to us. it's mentioned in the planning code as something that's important. will what i'm going to do is give you a quick visual overview. this is the view of our property. i'm taking an example of the window from this view from the dining room the eastern most window in the dining room. it's the one that has the least pact on the lower floor of this project. the upper floor windows are not a problem because no one is looking out of the window there's enough sunshine it's only the bottom one that's a
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problem. if we take a look at from that diagram window that's essentially, what we see. it's not a great view >> lltsz up the room. if the proponents project is developed that's essential the view. mr. forest is correct i'm not very good with the photo shots i'm trying to show the size of the impact. and if you look at mr. forests plan his house will basically have the same view out that we're not going to be able to have. earlier i mentioned a proposal that we put forth that was never
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really discussed with mr. forest. i talked to him about that once and he never respond but if that's true we would still villaraigosa a lot of that house and a a lot of sunlight on the first day of winter we'll lose will 78 percent of the sunlight. i think it's significant enough that merits consideration even though is it doesn't rile come into conflict with the guidelines of the planning department. thank you >> thank you. is there that i any public comment? seeing none, project sponsor you have 5 minutes
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>> how does that work? >> you place it face up and st. tv. >> the debt of my clients are here, ms. judy low and we have an interpreter. i thought on interpreter would be appropriate. the exit debt of my clients home is 27 feet >> it's around where i am to where you are that's the existing debt and the adjacent home next door is 70 feet in length. this is the picture that tells
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all right here. (inaudible) >> he need to speak into the microphone. >> you can see the size of my clients enemy also the size of the home to the south. we did advertise and have the preapplication the whole neighborhood showed up we we were surprised that the neighbors to the north didn't show up. so certainly the dr requester was aware of that and 3 and a half months have begun but we meeting met in the dining room which the pictures that the dr requester is showing you folks that's the one room that has the most draufkd impact. it must be south fagdz room. there are many more side windows
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in the home. i thought that would be important to note. what's remarkable about this project their home is over 20 feet set back from the estimation that we're putting in. it happened to have a 15 foot driveway and we're set back 6 feet from the property line. that's about 21 feet. to me that's pretty remarkable. i would not imagine the wind and a privacy there's no privacy issues there's no windows open that side. so in essence what's remarkable is that the homes are large we have a short home we're adding on an estimation that mire
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clients are going to be renovating and the dr requesters home is deeper into the lot than we are. it's hard to grasp the concept that we have an extraordinary openness on their home and my client wants to develop their home to the point where it's works for them and that's pretty much the situations. thank you very much. any public comment in support of the project sponsor. okay. seeing none you have a two minute rebuttal >> thank you. i really have
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nothing more to say. i said we're not concerned with any of the discussions concerning the guidelines we're seeing we're impacted in terms of the openness as shown by the pictures. we have no objections to the wind or the privacy issues. we never have. we're just concerned that we're going to lose a lot of openness and light and the calculations have shown that to be true and thank you >> thank you. project sponsor you have two minutes >> thank you. again what's remarkable we over offered concessions. we offered to have a float roof.
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and we offered to set back the second floor 8 and a half feet to open up the rear area so people's 3 they could have a view of the hienldz to the south it's remarkable. okay. the public hearing portion it closed >> yeah. i have a few questions this is actually in eagle side terraces it's not in ocean view so it doesn't matter. is the project sponsor going to require a rear yard variants well, it's a dnr so their capable how about the neighboring house even though
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it's already present there they're in conformity with the rear yard were with exception the dnr fielders sits on the side property >> and then my other question this is for occupancy they had an address this is their present resident this is not for resale but for occupancy? this stretch is >> come to the podium, please. >> you need to speak into the microphone. >> what is the question. >> well, the question is it's a little bit cuffing there of the a dale wood address that was listed for project sponsored. >> what address. >> dale wood.
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it has large homelands in the areas >> i'm not understanding there was another address for who? >> dale wood is the steep street. >> oh, that's where we live now. >> oh, their movie from there. >> yes. as far as i know. >> and this plan includes only one kitchen i assume. >> absolutely. >> it's a lot of square footage but that's how it's designed. >> there's some big homes. >> some are. thank you >> i appreciate those are my only questions. i don't see the impact, you know, so long as they are common i mean it would be nice if t